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Largest flaw on the internet

By Mike | July 3, 2013

Having quit social media, the largest flaw on the internet seems to be that so many different services require authentication against a social media site.

Farming off your authentication to another service isn’t a bad thing. It takes the burden away form having to manage usernames and passwords, providing a secure (SSL) connection for the password transmission, and provides a large user base so that people don’t need yet another account.

It also requires people to be on these social networks or not use your service. This is bad.

What we need is a decentralized (or at least, distributed in some fashion) system. Something that All of the major players could start using.

OpenID was an attempt to do this, but it never real caught on. You hardly ever see an OpenID site anymore.

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RSS Solution

By Mike | June 26, 2013

Google is shutting down its Reader application at the end of the week. Read was the last Google service that I depended on, but only as a syncing platform. Like email, i prefer my RSS clients to be local applications and not web based apps.

I’ve settled on using Fever (, installed locally on this server, for handling my syncing needs. Most of the clients seem to support, or will support, its API. Until Reeder on Mac Desktop supports it I can live with using its web interface.

I also tried Tiny Tiny RSS, but found its interface to be slow and unusable on the iPad. There is a fever API plugin for it, but it seems to only be compatible with Reeder for the iPhone right now. I could not get other clients that support fever to connect to it. I thought about improving the fever plugin to work with other clients, or working on a google compatible api plugin, but I just don’t have the time right now.

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Sleeping through Smurfs

By Mike | June 13, 2013


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Facebook withdrawl

By Mike | June 13, 2013

After deleting my Facebook account I found myself wanting to post the deletion on Facebook.

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Quitting Social Media

By Mike | June 10, 2013

I’ve been a long time believer that Google’s motto of “Don’t be Evil” was just a cover up and have been moving myself away from Google services over the last several years. is my search engine of choice and generally works better than Google anyway.

I’ve also been slowly cleaning up my Facebook posts since I started using it. Deleting everything that wasn’t directly connected to my family or aviation (with a few minor exceptions here and there).

I also deleted all my Twitter posts.

All of this has been a long time coming.

  1. I believe strongly that centralized cloud computing is doing more harm than good. For a verity of reasons.
  2. I believe that content should be born on your own servers, or under your direct control, and then distributed to outlets (such as social media) with links back to where it is under your control.
  3. I don’t trust any company whose services I am using and I am not the customer. Google and Facebook are both just large advertising companies.

With everything happening, now just seems like a good time to jump ship.

The only problem is that Family and Friends lose access to pictures and stories about the kids.

I’ve setup Gallery here: … this is where I will be posting all of the pictures. Not much to see there right now, i’ve just started putting together the skeleton of the albums, be eventually this location will also replace and will have a lot more pictures than either smugmug or facebook had.

Big news and events will be posted to the blog here, which can be followed with RSS.

I’ve replaced Google Calendar and Contacts with a local install of “ownCloud” … Just about all the functionality of Google calendar (except, you can’t display a calendar to a webpage), but without Googles involvement.

After Google announced that they were dropping RSS, i have no faith that they will leave any of the services that I rely on them for up and running.

I still need to find a good replacement for google reader that will sync with my RSS clients. I’ve toyed with the idea of just moving to a completely cloud based solution in ownCloud, but I’ll need to play with it a bit more over the coming weeks.

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Geek Baby

By Mike | August 19, 2011

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Emma Susan Bond

By Mike | March 16, 2011

This is our new daughter, Emma Susan Bond.

Don’t let the cute exterior fool you. She is a vicious eating and pooping machine bent on world domination!

Other hobbies include making people walk around the house with her “A bopping and a walking,” reading Dr. Suess books on the iPad, and causing mild cases of sleep deprivation.

Emma Susan Bond:
March 9, 2011 @ 2:44am
9lb 4oz
21″ long

More Photos

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Farewell Spency :(

By Katherine | November 28, 2009

We put Spencer to sleep on November 17, 2009.  In September he had developed a bloat.  His stomach was filled with fluid.  He saw multiple vets and none of them could tell us what was causing the fluid, but they all agreed that Spencer’s time was almost up.  Almost all options for the cause of the bloat were terminal illnesses.  When we took him in for a check-up on November 17th, the vet said that he was completely wasted – he had very little body fat and muscle left.  Although he still seemed to have some good days, we decided to put him to sleep before he only had bad days.  As it was, he couldn’t go for walks anymore, and car rides were started to be too much for him.  He was a good dog, and we loved him, but it was time to let him go.  The vet performed a necropsy (an autopsy for dogs) and found a cancer tumor in Spencer’s adrenal gland, as well as a large blockage in one of the main arteries that take blood back to the heart.  It was unclear whether the blockage was a tumor or a bloodclot (the vet votes for bloodclot), but that blockage was causing the bloat.  The vet said that he couldn’t have removed it with surgery because of the size and location.  I’m glad we didn’t wait until Spencer got even worse.  He looked very peaceful as he left us.  Farewell Spency, you will be missed.

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Wedding & Honeymoon Pictures/Videos

By Mike | October 28, 2009

Wedding and Honeymoon are over and done with. Its time to start messing with all the media we have gotten!

I’m working on putting together a DVD Video of the event. We didn’t catch everything on our video camera and are waiting on a couple things to come in to finish that. If you want a copy of the DVD (or a link to download it), shoot me an email.

Here is a preview to hold you over, Our first Dance:

We don’t have any of the wedding pictures back yet. When we do I’ll post them. Here is a link to our honeymoon pictures (not organized as good as they could be, but, at least they are finally up, I’ll work on the organization later ;-) ).
Honeymoon Pictures

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Wedding Update

By Katherine | September 5, 2009

I have updated the information on our “Wedding Info” page.  It now includes driving directions, information on hotel reservations (including that they need to be made with Lakeview by SEPTEMBER 10, 2009 to receive the block rate), and what formality of dress is required.  You will also find links to our wedding registries there.  We are registered with and Target.  If you have not sent in your reply cards (both for the reception AND the rehearsal) PLEASE do so.  If you have any questions, feel free to email us or call us.

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