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Farewell Spency :(

By Katherine | November 28, 2009

We put Spencer to sleep on November 17, 2009.  In September he had developed a bloat.  His stomach was filled with fluid.  He saw multiple vets and none of them could tell us what was causing the fluid, but they all agreed that Spencer’s time was almost up.  Almost all options for the cause of the bloat were terminal illnesses.  When we took him in for a check-up on November 17th, the vet said that he was completely wasted – he had very little body fat and muscle left.  Although he still seemed to have some good days, we decided to put him to sleep before he only had bad days.  As it was, he couldn’t go for walks anymore, and car rides were started to be too much for him.  He was a good dog, and we loved him, but it was time to let him go.  The vet performed a necropsy (an autopsy for dogs) and found a cancer tumor in Spencer’s adrenal gland, as well as a large blockage in one of the main arteries that take blood back to the heart.  It was unclear whether the blockage was a tumor or a bloodclot (the vet votes for bloodclot), but that blockage was causing the bloat.  The vet said that he couldn’t have removed it with surgery because of the size and location.  I’m glad we didn’t wait until Spencer got even worse.  He looked very peaceful as he left us.  Farewell Spency, you will be missed.

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