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How it Happened

Katherine and Mike’s first date was on Marth 25th, 2007. After having emailed and IMed for about two weeks, Katherine asked Mike if he would like to meet her in person. Katherine was in the process of getting rid of all of her VHS movies and replacing them with DVD versions. As she lived in Keyser at the time, she needed to go to Best Buy to get the movies not available at Wal-Mart. The closest Best Buy to Keyser happened to be located in Morgantown where Mike lives. Mike agreed to meet her there. They met in the horror movie section, which wasn’t planned, just kind of happened, but is fitting since they both like horror movies.

After purchasing some movies, Katherine followed Mike to his house where they consolidated down to one car. Mike then took Katherine to Cooper’s Rock to go hiking/walking. Cooper’s Rock is a West Virginia State Park. When they arrived at Cooper’s Rock, Katherine and Mike found that there was a bicycle race in progress. Consequently, they could not drive to the hiking trail that leads to the lake, which is the trail Mike wanted to go on. So, Mike parked where possible. Katherine and Mike started walking on another trail and had a wonderful time. Mike did try to take them towards the lake. However, after a while it became abundantly clear that they were not going to find the lake, and they returned to the car.

After Cooper’s Rock, Mike took Katherine to Hibachi’s for a late lunch/early dinner. Hibachi’s is a Japanese Steak House. They sat at the teppan bar (right where the cooks prepare the food). Mike ordered some steak dish and Katherine ordered a chicken dish. Mike received a whole cow and Katherine received a whole chicken. It was a ton of food. Very tasty.

After the meal, they returned to Mike’s house where they played Mario Kart on Mike’s Nintendo GameCube. Mike won. A lot. Of course, Katherine had only played the game 2 or 3 times before in her entire life. Whereas Mike owned the game and played it so much that he even had the special cup unlocked. So it really wasn’t even a competition.

All in all, the date went very well. Mike walked Katherine out to her car where she said, “I had a really good time. I think we should do this again . . . soon.” Mike agreed and gave her a hug. Katherine went home. Thus began the epic relationship of Katherine and Mike.